2015 AWARDS 

Alarie's book, Running Counterclockwise, was First Runner Up for the Thorpe Menn Award for Literary Excellence from the American Association of University Women in partnership
with the Kansas City Public Library.

In December 2015, Alarie's poem, "The Quilters of Gee's Bend," won the Goodread's monthly  poetry contest and was published in their December newsletter







The Writers Place has joined in partnership with the Rose Society of Kansas City. Alarie is the emcee and coordinator of the Rose Garden Readings. She is pictured (on left) with novelist Stephen Roth and  poet Maryfrances Wagner. There will be three afternoon readings in 2016: May 22, June 18, and October 1. Please see the Rose Society's Rose Society's website for details.

A rose garden is perfect place for inspiration, and we are also encouraging young poets to bloom. Alarie Tennille and Teresa Leggard will be judging a poetry contest for children in the greater  Kansas City Area, grades 3 - 8. The contest ends April 30, 2016. See the website above for contest  guidelines and to read the winning poems.


Alarie's poem, "Surrounded by Monet's Water Lilies," was nominated for the Best of the Net (July 2015-June 2016) by The Ekphrastic Review